PPC Agency

Instant & measurable results through targeted digital advertising

What is PPC?

Instant online visibility. Immediate website traffic. More customers.

PPC, or paid search, is the process of implementing digital advertising campaigns to reach your target audience, and immediately boost visitor numbers to your website. It’s an instant way to drive traffic to your website, allowing you to be on the first page of Google or Bing within a couple of hours . Considering 71% of consumers use a search engine to discover new products and services, PPC is an integral element to a lead generation campaign.


Campaign success is underpinned by effectively managing quality score and requires an ongoing process of testing, analysing and optimising to deliver maximum efficiency, minimum budget wastage, and a high ROI on advertising spend.

Grey Quotation Marks

Every trackable interaction creates a data-point, and every datapoint tells a piece of the customer's story.

Paul Roetzer

Our Process

Data-driven, laser-targeted, goal-oriented PPC campaigns.

We develop intelligent, targeted and relevant digital ad campaigns that engage directly with your target audience, to drive a constant flow of high-quality traffic to your website. We never stop focusing on results, optimising campaigns daily to ensure maximum performance and budget efficiency.

Audit & Analysis

No two businesses are the same. We take time to get to know your business; we analyse the search landscape to understand your competitors and identify opportunities, we research your target audience to identify their online search behaviours, and we define your objectives.

  • Audience profiling
  • End-to-end campaign tracking
  • Competitor analysis

Campaign Research

Based on the outcome of our audit, we work out what type of campaigns are the best fit for your audience at the different stages in their buying cycle; from keyword-based search campaigns and product-based shopping campaigns, to behavioural-based re-marketing campaigns, placement-based display campaigns and video-focused YouTube campaigns.

  • Campaign research
  • Keyword research
  • Budget and ROI forecast


We either rebuild, restructure or start from scratch with your campaigns, and implement end-to-end campaign tracking so we know exactly what works for you to drive maximum commercial impact. We manage everything from ad copy-writing and asset creation, to bid management and landing page management.

  • Campaign build
  • Campaign optimisation
  • Asset creation

Optimise, Test, Refine

We optimise campaigns daily to maximise performance and return on investment, turning the dial up on the best performing elements within your campaigns, while simultaneously removing any ads, keywords or placements that are under-performing and draining budget. All our decisions are data-driven with continual strategy refinement to keep your business growth in the right direction.

Why choose JEKBEE as your PPC agency?

Our methodology has a proven track record for clients both big and small. We keep things simple and follow best practices while blending technology and data with expert human input to deliver results. We’re genuinely passionate about digital advertising, and constantly refine and evolve our approach to make sure your campaigns are ahead of your competitors.