Content Marketing Agency

We create meaningful content to attract, engage and convert customers

What is content marketing?

Crafting messages that are heard.

Content is at the heart of an effective digital strategy, responsible for developing strong, lasting customer connections with a brand. It’s a vital component across every stage of the marketing funnel. Whether it’s problem-solving content to reach and attract new customers in search engines, valuable content to engage users on a website and encourage them to perform an action, personalised content to drive repeat business, and social media content to develop a loyal community of brand advocates – content is key.


With around 27 million pieces of content shared every day, it’s important that your content stands out in the competitive digital arena. At JEKBEE, we don’t create content for content’s sake. We create the right type of valuable content for your customers, from blogs, white papers, and vlogs to infographics, videos and email communications. Beyond creation, we also effectively distribute and optimise it for maximum digital impact and benefit to your business.

Grey Quotation Marks

If you're not putting out relevant content in relevant places, then you don't exist.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Our Process

We find customers. We connect with them. We grow your business.

We immerse ourselves in your business so we understand your target audience inside out; what types of content they want to see, what language they respond to, and how we best reach them. We craft messages and content to be heard, remembered and shared, with measurable goals aligned to your business objectives.

Discovery & Analysis

We begin by understanding your audience and key personas in order to develop a strategy that is laser-targeted against their needs, and visible on platforms that they use. We use data to drive our strategy direction and marry this science with art, combining our creative brains and in-house expertise to ensure the content we create has results in mind.

  • Persona research
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis

Strategy & Roadmap

We develop a robust content strategy mapped against the different stages of the marketing funnel. We don’t just attract prospects with compelling, useful content, we use content to nurture them to become paying customers that keep coming back for more.

  • Content ideation
  • Content themes
  • Distribution plan

Implement & Amplify

We create relevant, shareable, and engaging content that your audience wants to read. In doing so, we deliver lasting connections and memorable online experiences. We distribute the content to amplify your message and make sure its heard, using influencers, publishers, social media and more.

  • Influencer outreach
  • Online PR
  • Social media

Reporting & Refinement

We’re a goal-orientated agency, so measure our work by the traffic, leads and conversions we deliver against the content created. We create easy-to-understand monthly reports documenting performance as well as strategy refinements to make sure you hit your business objectives.

Why choose JEKBEE as your content marketing agency?

We know how to create compelling website copy that gets sites ranking in search engines and encourages people to your website. We know how to engage people with the right content on your website so they become a customer. We know how to nurture your customers with effective communications so they stay loyal to your brand and keep coming back for more. We love what we do, and we pour our all our energy into making content marketing strategies that generate outstanding results for our clients.